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Cherry Tomatoes and Earthbox Peppers

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Harvest update. Getting a few more cherries coming along. Both the Sungold and the White Currant are leading the pack (note, the links are to the sources of the seeds I grew these plants from). The Sungold’s are great, good size cherry tomatoes. Nice orange color. The White Currants are more yellow, are also tasty, but are quite a bit smaller.

Sungold and White Currant Tomatoes Central Texas

Sungold on left, White Currant on right

The Orange Bell is finally ripening. Should be pickable in a few days.

Earthbox Orange Bell Pepper

Earthbox Orange Bell Pepper, turning orange finally

Some of the jalapenos are forming with chocolate brown streaks along the length of the pepper. Looks pretty cool. Harvested several jalapenos and serranos.

Earthbox Pepper Harvest

Earthbox Serranos and Jalapenos