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First 2011 Cucumber

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

First Earthbox Spacemaster Cucumber harvested today, weighing in at 12oz. Also got another Black Beauty Zucchini. Black Beauty is proving to be quite vigorous–growing much faster than the other squash I planted.

Earthbox Cucumber and Sqauash

Black Beauty Zucchini (bottom) & Spacemaster Cucumber

Cucumber Reveal

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Sliced into the first and likely only cucumber we will get off the plant. Looks and tastes like a cucumber! Pretty cool.

The plant seems to have petered out, so doubt we’ll get more cukes off of this one.

Earthbox Cucumber

Earthbox "Spacemaster" Cucumber

Earthbox Update

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Finally have a cucumber nearing readiness. This is a “spacemaster” cucumber, which has turned out to be a sprawling vine that has not lived up to its name. I had to add a trellis to the Earthbox to give it somewhere to meander. This is the first cucumber that has developed on it also, so it is lagging way behind the three other squash plants.

Earthbox Cucumber

Not sure how big it should get

Harvested one of each squash variety this morning.

Earthbox Squash

Multipik, 8 Ball and Zephyr

Peppers coming along. Not sure when the Anaheim will be “done”. The bells should turn orange when ready.

Earthbox Anaheim Pepper

Anahiem...time to pick? The ones at HEB are bigger!

Orange Bell Peppers in Earthbox

Should turn orange when ready

Once again I’ve been cursed by puny jalapenos. The ones on my plant this year are about one inch long. Next year I’m going to seek out some “jumbo” variety and start one from seed. This plant I got at a nursery. It’s certainly productive, but I’d prefer a bit larger peppers.

Am finally getting some Poblanos. Hoping they turn out to be normal size. Last year the plant produced puny ones. That was a plant picked up at a nursery. This one I grew from seed that as far as I could tell should produce full size peppers.

Earthbox Poblano Pepper

Poblano coming along

Pepper & Cucumber Update

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

The cucumber is finally starting to fruit. The li’l cukes are teensy tiny compared to the squash. The flowers are also much smaller.

Earthbox Cucumber

Spacemaster Cucumber Baby

Finally getting some peppers forming too.

Earthbox Jalpeno

First Jalapeno

Earthbox Serrano Pepper

First Serrano