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Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Asked for some suggestions on GardenWeb for a shrub that would work well against one side of our house. Here’s the requirements:

-Would like something that gets 3-5′ tall
-Has to be deer resistant
-Will get a few hours of late afternoon sun (2-3 hrs I am guessing, but not positive. We had some aspidistra there but it got fried.)

Capturing responses here since GW does not keep posts forever:


Texas Sage would probably work if it is not too wet there.


The deer never bother my abelia. They also never touch the red tips that grow in full sun on the south side of our house. They grow fast and keep the sun out, but get much larger than 3′-5′ unless you trim a lot. The same for elaegnus. Dwarf yaupon works, but takes a while to get to 3′ high.

Some people have had problems with red tips, but ours have been in for 18 yrs. no problem.

No pittosporum or indian hawthorne, it’s deer candy.


Dwarf wax myrtle is my best suggestion. It’s smells strong so deer avoid it. A delightful smaller version of the tree form Wax Myrtle. Aromatic leaves and pale blue berries. Makes a nice low hedge.


I vote for abelia. Nice fragrance! I highly recommend Rose Creek variety because of better compact form. I just don’t know if deers would avoid it or not.


Texas Mountain Laurel will take that hot afternoon sun and still be decent in shade. Evergreen sumac


Leaning towards the sage, but not sure yet.