2010 Tomato Roundup

Written by Chris on March 2nd, 2011

Summary of last season’s tomato varieties:

Sungold: Very good producer, lasted thru the summer, 3/4″ to 7/8″, orange cherries. A favorite. Aunt Carolyn says “good, sweet!”, and I have to concur.

White Currant: good producer, by far the most delicious of the cherries. Super sweet, juicy, thumbs way up. Only downside is they are difficult to pick–they don’t pop off easily and split often when pulling off (in which case you have to eat immediately, yum!). Small 1/2″ to 5/8″ fruits.


Sungold and White Currant Tomatoes

Sungold on left, White Currant on right


Black Cherry: good prodcuer, 7/8″ to 1″ fruits. Better if you wait until fully ripe, there tends to be some green that hangs on. Flavor ok, but was not a favorite. Aunt Carolyn proclaimed “skin tough”.

Black Cherry Tomatoes

Black Cherry

Bush Early Girl: “Early” in that they seem to ripen faster than other tomatoes. Smallish non-cherry tomatoes, average 2.5 oz. Somewhat bland flavor, but not bad. Decent production. Plant seemed a bit leggy, but that may have been my growing conditions. Survived the summer and produced into fall. Was more productive in the fall. Reliable.

Bush Early Girl Tomatoes

Bush Early Girl

Japanese Black Trifele: smallish fruits, teardrop shaped, meaty, good flavor. Might do this one again, but fruits kind of small for a non-cherry. Aunt Carolyn thought they were “too sour”.

Japanese Black Trifele Tomato

Japanese Black Trifele

Aunt Ginny’s Purple: this was the flavor winner. Large fruits. Very tasty. The most “tomatoey” tangy flavor of all the ones I grew. Definitely growing this one again.

Aunt Ginny's Purple and Japanese Black Trifele Tomatoes

Aunt Ginny's Purple on left, Japanese Black Trifele on right


Stupice: these were a fall-only planting, so only got a few from the plant. I think overall they were ok, but smallish and nothing remarkable.


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