Bougainvillea + Miracle Gro

Written by Chris on August 29th, 2010

There is one thing that loves being blasted by the August heat, and that is bougainvillea. Mine have been blooming all summer. I followed a tip I got at Shoal Creek Nursery one day. Miracle GroThey have amazing hanging baskets of bougainvilleas, spilling over with blooms. I asked how they achieved that, and the guy there said the woman that supplies the plants to them feeds them at every watering with a 1/4 strength solution of Miracle Gro. So I got some and have been doing the same (I use 1/2 tsp of Miracle Gro–the small end of the scoop that comes with the fertilizer–in the watering can I have, which holds 2 gallons of water). My bougies are in smallish clay pots on the west side of the house, so they need water every morning in this heat. And I feed them the Miracle Gro every morning. Seems to work pretty well. Yeah yeah, not organic, but it’s only for containers, and I go organic everywhere else….

White Bougainvillea

Austin Bougainvillea


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  1. Isa Runn says:

    I´m a huge bougainvillea freak too.
    I just love the flowers and it´s awsome that the flowering last so long.
    Isa from Finland. :D

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