Squash Pollination

Written by Chris on May 3rd, 2010

The bees have found my Earthbox! So far I have only seen bumblebees and not the garden-variety (heh heh) orangish bees. At least I think they are bumblebees–they’re black and yellow colored. Regardless, they are doing their thing.

Pollen-Coated Bee on Squash Flower

A Busy Bee

Here’s what you get if they don’t show up (or if you don’t hand pollinate):

Earthbox Unpollinated Squash

Unpollinated Squash

Multipik Squash

Pollinated Multipik vs. Unpollinated Multipik


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  1. JJ says:

    Good picture of the bee and the flower–anyone know what type of bee that is?

  2. Darth Paul says:

    I never realized how big the unpollinated squash girls are. Still edible, right?

    • Chris says:

      Not brave enough to try one. By the time I pick them off the plant, they are kind of shriveled up and usually hosting a few hungry insects.

  3. Yeah, I wondered about the same thing on the unpollinated squash but I was too chicken to eat one! Thanks for posting about this.

  4. I often find that the first few squash look promising but never actually develop. I never thought of it as being failure to pollinate. Must get my paint brush out.

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