Earthbox Pepper Update

Written by Chris on May 12th, 2010

Peppers are coming along well. All are producing except for the poblanos. Looks like I will have mini-jalapenos again. Was hoping for the big size peppers you see in the grocery stores these days–3 to 4 inches long. Next season I will have to seek out some seeds like that.

Earthbox Peppers

Pepper plants at 46 days after seedling transplant

Earthbox Serranos


Earthbox Jalapenos

Muchos Jalapenos

Earthbox Anaheim Pepper

Anaheim Pepper

Earthbox Orange Bell Peppers

Orange Bell Peppers


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  1. I love peppers! The very first plants I grew from seed a few years ago were peppers. I grew them in the balcony of my apartment only to lose them slowly to storms and bugs. However, a couple of years ago I grew jalapeños in the ground and I got them to grow as big as the store-bought ones. Last year I grew them in a home made sub-irrigated container and I only got the little ones like you mention. This year I am growing them again in containers but i am growing multiple varieties to see if I can recognize the type that grew big.
    You are a couple of months ahead of me on your peppers!

    • Chris says:

      Interesting. Will be awaiting pictures on your blog showing your pepper results! I have to believe it’s due to the variety grown and not the growing location…

  2. JJ says:

    What is the deal with the small jalapeños? Mine were the same way. I think maybe trying them in the ground might be the solution.

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