Shrivelling Squash & Earthbox Peppers

Written by Chris on April 26th, 2010

Early squash fruits are dying as spinsters. It seems that the females are early bloomers. There have already been four squashes that have flowered and are now shrivelling away because not a single male flower has bloomed yet to provide the life-giving male pollen to these eager ladies. Painful to watch. But I think the first male will open tomorrow morning.

Earthbox Multipik Squash

Multipik Unpollinated and shrivelling away

Earthbox Eight Ball Squash

Two Eight Ball Squash Sans Pollination

Earthbox Squash

Earthbox Squash at Day 44

Peppers are looking healthy, but so far no peppers forming. The jalapeno plant is in the lead with lots of blooms, but they seem to be falling off the plant before a pepper can form. Need to see if that is normal or an indication of some issue.

Earthbox Peppers

Earthbox Peppers

Ladybug on Earthbox Pepper Plant

Was Happy to See a Couple of These on the Peppers


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  1. Darth Paul says:

    I wouldn’t worry much about the squash. The plant looks very robust, so it should continue to produce. It wouldn’t hurt to remove the spent girls; which should encourage more blossoms.

    Peppers- I blame this wonky weather. By the time we get this amount of sunlight, it’s usually quite consistently warm…not so this year. The plants probably got duped into blooming only to be shaken by cool temps (below 60). They should recover fine.

    • Chris says:

      I believe you are right re the weather. There are finally some peppers forming for the first time. I think it’s been warmer at night the last few days.

  2. How can you tell the male squash flower? I have a number of home-made sub-irrigated containers. They have done well for me in the past 3 years. The only thing I’ve yet to grow successfully in them is cucumbers but I am sure it is something I am doing wrong.

    • Chris says:

      Hey David, the male squash flowers are the ones not at the end of a squash. The flowers themselves look alike for the most part, but the males form at the end of a thin stem, while the females form at the end of a baby squash. If the female flower doesn’t get some pollen from a male flower, that baby squash will shrivel up and fall off the plant.

      This will be my second go-around with an Earthbox. Last Fall was my first season, and the squash did great as did lettuce. Squash coming on strong this time as well. Trying peppers for the first time in the other Earthbox.

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