Replacing Tomato

Written by Chris on April 13th, 2010

The one original seedling that I planted early in March that was still left in the garden (I replaced all the others a couple of weeks ago) has done nothing. It’s coming out and will be replaced by a Black Krim, which was the most interesting variety I could find at my local nursery.

I have also lost the diagram I made of the garden that indicated what was planted where, so now I am not sure which plant is which (except for Japanese Black Trifele, which has an unusual leaf form (“potato leaf” I believe is the term)). But I think this is the list of varieties I will have planted after replacing the last of the early seedlings: Black Cherry, White Currant, Sungold, Early Girl, Japanese Black Trifele and Black Krim. If I am lucky enough to get any fruit from any of the plants, I’ll be able to discern the variety at that time.


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  1. JJ says:

    Perhaps you could have a special gardening notebook with all of your diagrams…who knows…just a suggestion.

    BTW, when do you expect to be able to harvest your tomatoes?

    • Chris says:

      Good idea. Re harvest, I hope in a month or so? Based on past experience, I will be “harvesting” my tomatoes at HEB :(

  2. Darth Paul says:

    Consider it a game! Treat all your tomatoes equally lovingly and you’ll find out which are which soon enough.

    But next crop, JJ’s advice sounds marvelous. Just don’t stress about it now.

    I relate to the HEB comment. I tried 3 years in a row to produce a decent plant and failed. I think I have it all worked out now w/a raised bed, plants-from-seed (no Home Depot late blight-poisoned atrocities for me anymore!), companion plants, and a special soil blend. If it doesn’t work this year, I’m writing them off for good. There are much more agreeable nightshades out there.

  3. Kelley says:

    Hi Cris- I am interested in hearing about your results on this years tomatoes….Black Cherry, White Currant, Sungold, Early Girl, Japanese Black Trifele and Black Krim.

    I sell heirloom seeds
    but I have never tasted or grown the varieties you listed. Super interested to see if you have good results or troubles?! Thanks Kelley

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