Squash Earthbox Planted

Written by Chris on March 13th, 2010

Seeded this squash earthbox today. First attempt at “replanting” an Earthbox. Scraped the top ~3 inches of mix out, removed fertilizer strip. For fertilizer this time, I used 3c Epsoma Garden Tone. Added 2c Carl Pool Dolomite before adding new potting mix to top it off. Used Miracle Grow potting mix, which is definitely inferior to the Hi Yield mix used last time, but could not find the Hi Yield.

Planted, left to right, Spacemaster Cucumber, Multipik Yellow Straight Squash, Eight Ball and Zephyr. This time I’m going to try to train them to grow up on the trellis.

If things go as they did in the fall, I should be eating the first squash on 4/17.


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