Cilantro Seedling

Written by Chris on February 25th, 2010

Growing cilantro for the first time. Seeds sprouted after 11 days.

Cilantro Seedling Austin Texas

Cilantro seedling at 18 days, ready to adorn a taco


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  1. JJ says:

    I am sorry to see that you used such a low grade fertilizer. I hope it yields the vegetables to your liking. My experience is that using the best quality that you can afford is best.

  2. JJ says:

    Wondering if you will plant some leafy greens this spring? And if so, what would you recommend? My wife likes salads and I am trying to find something that would suit my earthbox. suggestions welcomed.

  3. JJ says:

    I love, love your photos. Your eye for photography is wonderful–the bougainvillea picture is amazing!

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