Tomato Tip

Written by Chris on September 3rd, 2009

Seen on Renee’s Roots several weeks ago (and currently being implemented at the Pineapple Palace Horticultural Center):

The last time I planted tomatoes I had a terrible time with birds and squirrels ruining just about every piece of fruit. This year I am using summerweight garden fabric and I find it has several advantages over bird netting: it doesn’t snag so it’s easier to work with; animals can’t see the tomatoes through the fabric, so they aren’t attracted to the plants; the fabric blocks 15% of the light, cutting down on sun scald; and best of all, it reduces problems with horn worms, tomato fruit worms, and leaf footed bugs. I am using Texas Tomato Cages, which I wrap with the fabric, and I use clothespins to hold the fabric in place. I ordered the fabric from Gardener’s Supply Company. (Google “summerweight garden fabric.”) I bought the tomato cages at Gardens on 35th.

Also, I noticed in a post at the Johnson’s Backyard Garden blog that they have Bush Early Girl tomatoes by the assload, so those must do well around here. Will have to try those next season.


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