Fall Garden Planted

Written by Chris on August 23rd, 2009

Finally got the plants into the ground for the fall garden. A bit later than hoped for due to out-of-town engagements, but they are finally in.

Additions to the soil

Additions to the soil--6c Zoom Organic Fertilizer, 2-3lb Lime

Planted six of the tomato seedlings I grew from seed, plus three peppers grown from seed. Also planted a few green bean seeds for grins. The poor tomato seedlings were long overdue for transplanting. They were about 12″ tall and toppling over daily, drying out quickly, rootbound in the little 9oz cups I used.

The new garden

The new garden

Tomatoes: Stupice (Tomatofest), Aunt Ginny’s Purple (Tomatofest), Sungold (Johnny’s), Japanese Black Trifele (Tomatofest), Brandywine (Rareseeds) and Matt’s Wild Cherry (Tomatofest).

Peppers: poblano (this time from seed–Johnny’s Ancho 211 F1), red bell (Johnny’s Ace F1) and orange bell (Johnny’s Gourmet F1).

Beans: Kentucky Wonder (Ferry-Morse).

Tomato Cocoon

Tomato Kessler Kokoon

For the tomatoes, I used the Kessler Method: Texas Tomato Cages (24″ diam, 6′ tall) wrapped with Summerweight Garden Cloth (cut to about 78″ length to wrap). These tomato cocoons should keep the deer away, mitigate some of the brutal August sun, and keep other critters away.

24hr update: tomatoes are getting punished by this heat (they’ve been in the shade for the last month or so while in their little seedling pots). The Stupice one may not recover! Also, this soil we got doesn’t seem to drain so well. Whittlesey Garden Mix. Should have gone with Natural Gardener.

Too damn hot!

Too damn hot!


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  1. Mimi says:

    You might try using Medina soil activator to water with. John D. says it helps the soil absorb water.

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