Tomato Bandit

Written by Chris on June 25th, 2009

Something is ruining the last few tomatos left on my Celebrity plant. I suspect it is squirrels, based on other blogs around town complaining about squirrels eating their tomatoes. I guess it could be rats too though…the tomatoes are left on the plant but have a couple of giant holes/gashes in them. I only have three tomatoes left on the plant. It is flowering, but no fruit is setting in this heat.

Squirrel damage?

Squirrel damage?


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  1. CSR says:

    BAD news — Your Pepa had a solution for squirrel invators on his pecan crops . We don’t discuss it in public. CSR

    • Chris says:

      I now see the wisdom of Pepa’s ways! If this keeps up, I will be surfing the web for tasty squirrel recipes ;)

  2. CSR says:

    Bob says that is typical of squirrels — same with a pecan –one bite and they go on to another. Squirrel Pot Pie ! Actually a squirrel is a rat with a big tail. CSR

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