Pickled Peppers

Written by Chris on June 10th, 2009

Decided to pickle the five jalapenos from the first harvest. Used a recipe seen in a magazine (quantities adjusted down from the Y2K-Bunker-Stocking amount of ingredients in the original):

1c white vinegar, 1/3c water, 1 garlic clove. Simmer vinegar and water with garlic for a few minutes, then pour over peppers in the hot jars.

Filled two 4oz jars, but they were not packed tightly enough so the pepper slices are kind of floating around in there. Not quite the look I expected. I suspect they will taste like Easter eggs too. That white vinegar is so strong, I can’t imagine it mellowing any. First ever attempt at pickling, so we will see how it goes and adjust for the next batch.


Five Peppers

Killing those bacteria!

Killing those bacteria!


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